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Welcome to a comprehensive approach to healing

Upwards counseling uses a dynamic approach to resolving issues related to childhood trauma and abuse. Since November, 2011 I have used Anazao counseling model to journey with hurting people into their childhood memories responsible for their many current emotional issues. This type of counseling is unlike traditional counseling and is always experienced in partnership with Jesus, at an experiential level. I engage with and resolve dissociative parts' function, which is the key to emotional healing of deep historical pain from rejection, sexual and verbal abuse, PTSD, SRA,DID, relationship problems, eating disorders, depression, addictions, panic attacks and trauma. Generational iniquity also impacts us spiritually and physically, and during the counseling process these legal rights are also resolved.

I have successfully completed a Masters Diploma in Biblical Counseling, from Light University Online. This is the education branch of the American Association of Christian Counselors. AACC. I specialized in Trauma and PTSD. In 2010 and 2011 attended and successfully completed Anazao School taught by Peter Toth who authored the book, Dissociation: The Forgotten Factor in Healing. I continue to expand my knowledge through continuing education with Anazao and AACC.

John 8:36 is stating that those whom Jesus sets free are truly free. Why are so many still bound by addictions, emotional instability and needing medication to function with no true resolution to their issues? Many are in traditional counseling for years, have excellent knowledge of how to manage their symptoms and experience improved daily function, yet they are not healed and free to really embrace life and God. Dissociation is the missing piece of the emotional healing puzzle. It is common, it is real, and the trauma hidden away by the dissociative parts is key to unlock both emotional and physical wellness.

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